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My Copic inks are still being shipped so I got desperate and used my old Promarkers for this one. It was harder than usual (lack of brush nib is terrible disadvantage in this case) bout doable. I’m actually really happy how it came out.

Even if I can’t quite catch what I screwed up with likeness. Something is off and it’s annoying but I guess I’ll get better with next try :3

media: red pencil for sketch, cool grey promarkers for base, my trusty 0.3 mechanical pencil and white rapidograph ink for touch ups.









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Hey, guys! A couple of my friends at my university really need your help! They are a group of Native (mostly women) students who are trying to spread decolonized education (woooohoooo!!!!) to Native high schoolers on reservations and in New Mexico. It would really help
them out if you could donate something or signal boost this. They are not getting paid, but they need money to travel to the students. Any donation at all is helpful!

Here is what they have to say:


AlterNATIVE Education is an education-focused non-profit that works with Native American/American Indian students to teach them about the left out history of American Indians. Our facilitators are composed entirely of Columbia University students, the majority being of American Indian descent.

AlterNATIVE Education is a peer-education and mentorship initiative that will ENGAGE students with Native histories, Native governments, Na-tive arts and Native current events, which are topics that are not talked about often enough in the classroom; EMPOWER Native students as community members, as individuals, as agents of change; and finally, ENCOURAGE Native students to seriously consider pursuing higher education through long-term mentorship. AlterNATIVE’s ultimate goal is to have 100% of AlterNATIVE mentees graduate from high school and apply to college.


This summer, alterNATIVE education is expanding, going from four sites to six. This summer, our alterNATIVE education facilitators will be at:

Isleta Pueblo, NM Zuni Pueblo, NM
Pine Hill, NM To’hajiilee, NM
Farmington, NM Acoma Pueblo, NM


Visit our website at

Contact us at:

Do you know of any ancient cultures outside of Roman and Greek (and not European obviously) with myths about humans becoming immortal? I'm trying to do character building for a story about immortals in the modern world and I want to have as much diversity as possible (aka NOT just Romans and Greeks), but I haven't found much yet and also don't want to bend other cultures' myths to fit my ideas, either. Anyway, I think your blog is great and thanks for the help.


Immortality and the origin of death is one of the most popular topics of stories from around the world, actually. Often immortality is or can be conferred on average humans by eating or drinking a rare and special kind of food or beverage.

In the Islamic world you have the four immortals, including Khidir, the Green Man, who drank from the water of life and became immortal. Khidir’s tale shares some factors in common with the story of The Wandering Jew. You can read more about him and the other immortals here.

In China you have the Covert Eight Immortals:

whose power can be transferred to tools an used to destroy evil ro bestow life; as well as the Eight Immortal Scholars of Huainan, or the Eight Gentlemen, who aren’t deified or made supernatural in any way, as their “immortality” is a metaphor but I think that’s a fun play for fiction. As well as Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who famously spent much of his life searching for an elixir of immortality.

There are a fair amount of Native American tales that deal with this topic, too. The Boy Who Would Be Immortal is a Hočąk story, with analogues in Macmac, Menominee, and Potawotami, with their theme of fasting. If you plan to include immortals that blend with supernatural tales, Wendigo are certainly immortal (humans become Wendigo by breaking taboos or committing terrible crimes), as are Skin Walkers in Navajo legend.

In Vietnam, Hang Nga and Hau Nghe are made immortal by eating a special type of grass. Separate from this, you have the Vietnamese Four Immortals: the giant boy Thánh Gióng, mountain god Tản Viên Sơn Thánh,Chử Đồng Tử the marsh boy, and the princess Liễu Hạnh.

In both Hindu and Buddhist tales, the elixir of immortality is guarded jealously by the gods and Garuda, the mythological bird person, plays a very important role in these kind of stories in Southeast Asia.

Another linking theme is the Tree of Life, which many cultures have in common, from Yggdrasil to the Mesoamerican World Tree.

There’s a Yoruban tale about Oba Koso or Shango, who was forced to commit suicide by political intrigue but did not hang; The demigod Maui has many stories his quests involving immortality for himself and others in Tonga, New Zealand, Samoa, and many other Pacific Islands.

Also keep in mind, even if you’re going to allow Greek or Roman immortals to dominate your story-not all Greek or Roman immortals were white people. A notable exception is Memnon, an African (Ethiopian and/or Sudanese) king, who was killed by Achilles and mourned so deeply by Eos, his mother, that Zeus was moved to grant him immortality.

I highly encourage anyone else to add their favorite stories about immortality to this post!!!




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are you fuckin kiddin me


I’m not saying bluequasar came up with the best almost human AU concept ever

but they might have let me and hobovampire run amok with it eheheheh