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Once More, With Vengeance by princess_aleera, from the Marvel Big Bang

For the first time released as a whole album including remixed versions! (lol that is I re-recorded many of them with my headset instead of my phone):
1. I’ve Got a Theory

2. Stole My Heart

3. Leave Me in Peace

4. The Coulson Song

5. Simply Your AI

6. Hurt Inside

7. Come to the Rescue

8. Love’s a Game

and bonus track (not in the fic) Going Through the Motions, Steve Rogers version  (here are the lyrics)

All song music from the Buffy musical, lyrics rewritten by princess_aleera, and sung by myself (except Simply Your AI).

Album art photoshopped from the original Buffy album and various cast photos. Special thanks to Def for laying out the font for me! <3